Okay, I created this blog on December 16th with every intention of tackling it ASAP (note date.) However, with all the Facebooking, Twittering and GoodReading, social networking in general is completely overwhelming. I’m ashamed to admit blogging is a bit over my head. Or is it that I just don’t understand it very well? I do tend to procrastinate with the unknown. Blog hops? Blog tours? Giveaway parties? And what the heck are these things called “rafflecopters”? Do they have anything to do with blogs?

I suppose I could investigate the hundreds of examples that show up on my FB wall, but history proves that method is HIGHLY ineffectual for me. So, anyone out there who is willing to throw me a bit of advice, a kernel of information or even a cut-and-pasted Wikipedia definition, please do. I’ll take anything at this point 🙂

Thank you!

Wait… did I just blog?


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  1. William Sewell


    I have one that’s even older but I don’t remember the password. I guess I’m not much help.

  2. Emily Hemmer


    You’re way ahead of me when it comes to blogging already. I love this, ‘fix your hair.’ – great tagline 🙂 I work with a very crafty lady who blogs every day – maybe we can all have tea sometime soon and she can give us a tutorial? (this is your new critique partner, by the way!)

  3. Emily Hemmer


    Oh good 😀 I’ll talk to my blogging buddy and see when we can all get together!

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