Looking for a great contest to enter?

What sets the Fiction from the Heartland Contest, sponsored by Mid-America Romance Authors, apart from other romance contests?  There are so many great reasons, we came up with a list! The September 2, 2013 deadline enables timely results to prepare to for the RWA Golden Heart.Feedback comes from trained unpublished and published authors. You get TWO

Dennam’s Cave

Original RomCon blog post from May 17, 2013 This blog post was going to be all about writing action scenes. Because Chapter 12 of my current work-in-progress — where I was when I created this document — is loaded with it. But I am deep in the druthers of my writing cave and have procrastinated

So… how does one BLOG?

Okay, I created this blog on December 16th with every intention of tackling it ASAP (note date.) However, with all the Facebooking, Twittering and GoodReading, social networking in general is completely overwhelming. I’m ashamed to admit blogging is a bit over my head. Or is it that I just don’t understand it very well? I