Flesh of Innocents

In post 9-11 America, when the world is on the brink of holy war, Olivia Rose is on a mission to save the lives of four small children who have been chosen as sacrifices for an ancient ritual. It is believed that these children will save the world. Three of them have already gone missing. Vowing to keep the fourth child hidden, and haunted by dreams of a past she cannot outrun, Olivia seeks out the bright little girl with a dark destiny. Her first lead comes from her evil twin sister, who not only shares Olivia’s past but also has answers to their future—answers that lead to the child’s very protective, very dangerous, and very handsome father.


Pulling double duty as a casino bartender and civilian informant for the police, Eddie Garrett doesn’t need more complications in his life. Olivia first accuses him of kidnapping, and then she claims that the Native American tribe he’s come to love and respect has painted a target on his daughter. Whether Olivia’s claims are true or not, the threat alone compels him to protect Libby at all costs. Forsaking his job at the casino as well as his mission to take down its drug-dealing manager, Ruben Coll, Eddie and Olivia embark on a journey of danger, passion, and crippling discovery. They learn that not everything is what it seems...and when in the wrong hands, the past can be much scarier than an uncertain future.

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A cry left Olivia’s lips as she was tackled to the floor. The living room’s throw rug muffled the impact and cushioned her fall, but if her attacker were to gain the upper hand, none of that would matter. She struggled, his weight too incapacitating as he searched out her wrists in the dark.

“Quit struggling, dammit, I said I want to talk.”

“Then get off me!”

Whoever it was lifted up and backed away, hands raised in a show of cooperation. Chest heaving, Olivia scrambled backward until her back hit the bathroom door. “Who are you?”

“Eddie Garrett.”

Holy shit. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what Ruben’s right-hand-man was doing in her apartment. She had asked questions. Ruben wouldn’t take chances. Sylvia wouldn’t think twice about divulging the location of her apartment, the evil bitch. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave without waking up my boyfriend,” she panted.

“Boyfriend, huh?”

She wrapped her hand around the baseball bat that was now within reach. “Yes. Oscar’s a professional fighter and he’s got one hell of a knockout punch. You’ll be flying through the window before you can blink.”

The light flicked on and Olivia was caught with bat in hand, poised and ready. The word “Oscar” was written in bold black marker along its length.

The man shoved his gray hood back, revealing a satirical look of boredom. “Pretty sure I can take Oscar.”

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Series: Flesh Series, Book 4
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ASIN: B07P14S132
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