Take It Like a Boss

  The pain of criticism: Let’s face it, that soul-shattering rebuff of something you’ve poured your heart into is responsible for millions of dried-up hopes and dreams around the globe. It happens more often than not, even for a writer who has had some success getting published, like myself for instance. So what do we

Oh, Look…A New Website!

Yeah, I know, it’s about darned time. I figured since I’m splashing the web address all over social media, I might as well throw on a new blog post. (Last one was in October. I stink at this!) There are many new things going on. First of all, if you haven’t noticed, my website/blog just

Truth and Humility Giveaway

Today is the last day to enter the giveaway on my Facebook author page! Don’t miss your chance to win one of 2 signed limited edition paperbacks of book 1 in my Captive Series, TRUTH AND HUMILITY. Contest ends tonight! Enter here: https://www.facebook.com/jadennamauthor The First Installment of Romantic Suspense Author J. A. Dennam’s Captive Series Danny

Launch day teasers – Excerpt 4 of BETWEEN FAITH AND FEAR:

Chapter 2  When disaster strikes, one’s first instinct is to run from unforeseen dangers that soon may follow. Self-preservation makes us human. To cast it aside for those less able makes us brave. “What a sweet boy you are…” A familiar sound followed the softly spoken words. Her son’s velvet sigh was familiar to her,

Launch day teasers – Excerpt 1 of BETWEEN FAITH AND FEAR:

Prologue: “I have a confession to make.” Those six words, so innocently spoken by a woman who straddled your lap, raised the kind of alarm bells Derek Bennett feared most. “Can it wait until after I’ve made you scream a little?” Melanie’s big, blue doe-eyes denied him even that. “I know you’ve slept with a