Flesh Series – Book 1

Tucked away in the warm solitude of her mountain cabin, Holly welcomes the lingering chill of spring as a peaceful addition to her own private paradise. Little does she know it is no more than a cloak, disguising hidden dangers that threaten to tarnish the pristine innocence only nature can provide. With the arrival of a compelling yet unwelcome guest, Holly’s world is about to become prey to an evil force that has been thriving in the very woods in which she lives.

Required to follow up on an unlikely lead, INS Special Agent Dodge enters Holly’s paradise with little patience and no desire to be played by the deceptive witch. However, a devastating turn of events pushes the reluctant pair to band together in order to expose the existence of a deadly smuggling ring that has plagued the Northern Rockies for decades. Caught in a labyrinth of danger, Holly and Dodge ultimately surrender to their undeniable attraction for one another; however, the comfort they find in each other’s arms is tarnished by deception…as well as the threat of dark secrets that may lie as close as the person lying next to them.

This story ends with a cliffhanger and continues with FLESH OF ANGELS – REBIRTH.

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Flesh Series – Book 2

Special Agent Dodge is on the prowl, hunting down a madman who is out to harm the woman he loves. Only one thing can break his focus, which is the possibility that he’s too late to save her. When that proof is thrown at his very feet, Dodge’s world is thrown into darkness. Driven by anger and heart-break, he continues his mission to expose Holly’s killers…only to find out she may not be dead after all. With time running out, he embarks on a journey to find her before the wrong people do—and to claim his rightful place by her side.

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Flesh Series – Book 3

Wealthy, cutthroat entrepreneur, Nick Turner, has rightfully earned his reputation as a shrewd businessman with little room for mercy. Known for his women, heart-stopping good looks and ruthless tendencies, most people would never believe he was once a Catholic priest; a past Nick refuses to discuss…until Sunny Devereux enters his life. The irresistible, high-spirited pastry chef quickly becomes a conquest for Nick, who always gets what he wants. But he soon learns that Sunny knows more about his past than originally thought. Could his latest bedmate be the same teenaged girl from twelve long years ago who accused Father Turner of rape and ultimately caused his fall from grace? And if so, what are her motives now?

Sunny Devereux knows what she wants: to achieve greatness in the culinary arts and to remain independent of negative influence. Once the puppet of a charismatic cult leader, Asaph Josiah, Sunny is determined to rise above her mistakes from the past. But, once again, fate has delivered her into the hands of the two men who won’t allow her to forget…or let go of…her guilt. Her struggle to resist both Nick and Josiah—devout rivals who vow to destroy one another—only intensifies the men’s desire to control her. Who can she trust? Who does she fear most? The manipulative, self-professed “prophet” with the power to bend even the strongest will…or the merciless ex-priest with the power to crush her heart?

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Flesh Series – Book 4

In post 9-11 America, when the world is on the brink of holy war, Olivia Rose is on a mission to save the lives of four small children who have been chosen as sacrifices for an ancient ritual. It is believed that these children will save the world. Three of them have already gone missing. Vowing to keep the fourth child hidden, and haunted by dreams of a past she cannot outrun, Olivia seeks out the bright little girl with a dark destiny. Her first lead comes from her evil twin sister, who not only shares Olivia’s past but also has answers to their future—answers that lead to the child’s very protective, very dangerous, and very handsome father.

Pulling double duty as a casino bartender and civilian informant for the police, Eddie Garrett doesn’t need more complications in his life. Olivia first accuses him of kidnapping, and then she claims that the Native American tribe he’s come to love and respect has painted a target on his daughter. Whether Olivia’s claims are true or not, the threat alone compels him to protect Libby at all costs. Forsaking his job at the casino as well as his mission to take down its drug-dealing manager, Ruben Coll, Eddie and Olivia embark on a journey of danger, passion, and crippling discovery. They learn that not everything is what it seems…and when in the wrong hands, the past can be much scarier than an uncertain future.

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