Truth and Humility Blog Tour Stop – Special Screening


I am so excited about my upcoming reveal, I thought it appropriate to host this segment of the tour on my own blog. My next adventure, as I coast along this eye-opening world of self-promotion, is the making of the book trailer for TRUTH AND HUMILITY. As of three months ago, I never knew book trailers existed. When I learned of them, my first thought was, “Really? What will they think of next?” Then it was, “What the heck does a book trailer look like?”

Needless to say, my reaction was a bit mixed. I mean…I get it. In light of eBooks and electronic screens and digital media, it is an adapted form of advertising. I’ve watched many book trailers since then and found most of them to be like scrolling dustcovers with music, photos and a liberal use of the Ken Burns effect.  But, does that make it high on my priority list? Well…

Which is why it’s taken me this long to tackle one. Now, I love movies. That is no secret. I love adventure and suspense, as my writing would suggest. So, shouldn’t my book trailer suggest it as well? Scrolling descriptions are good, but for some reason I just can’t picture that as an accurate representation of my story. So, mine will be a bit different as I apply the “show don’t tell” method I’ve learned so much about.

I am pleased to announce that on March 27th at 6:00 pm Central, all of my Facebook “Blog Tour and Re-launch of T&H” special guests will be treated to a sneak preview of the new…the amazing…the one and only…(drum roll please)


Cue music

“What Facebook Blog Tour and Re-launch of T&H” you ask? Just follow this link and find out. All are welcome!

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