An Introduction To My Work

All of my novels are true stories based on my own personal experiences.

Ugh, I still can’t say it with a straight face! No seriously, that one was for all my friends, family and neighbors who look at me funny after reading my material. Yes, I really love murdering people, dangling from a cliff, being hunted by masochistic creepers and doing it outside, but only when the moon is full.

Those of you who DON’T know me personally may want to know a little more about my novels so they can delve in with eyes wide open. I am a fairly new author who has decided to brave the often rewarding and sometimes cruel world of self-publishing. I’ve made a career of putting my raw guts on a slab for readers to pick through and comment over on the Goodreads platform. Some say they rightfully draw flies, but most have been very gracious. My solid 4.2 ratings are testament to that, as are the awards I’ve won from multiple writing competitions. And let’s not forget my wonderful agent, Marisa, who believes I’m worth the gamble 🙂

So, let’s start with heat level. Some of the 3-star (and lower) reviews have shown that folks are disappointed with the bedroom scenes of my FLESH series. This is understandable since they are most likely coming fresh off my latest book TRUTH AND HUMILITY. To clear things up, my FLESH series (containing my first two novels, FLESH OF ANGELS & FLESH OF THE FATHER)) is straight romantic suspense with a medium heat level. They are highly satisfying, hot, thrilling and sometimes disturbing love stories that focus more on the ride rather than the resulting hot monkey sex. NOT saying your grandmother would be comfortable reading them, though.

My CAPTIVE series, starting with TRUTH AND HUMILITY, is all that WITH the hot monkey sex. Very spicy, emotional, infuriating, sweet and suspenseful romance with a dash of light erotica. The positive reviews for T&H reflect that I’m somewhat good at it, so I apologize to my readers who started with that one and feel as if they “cooled off” with my older novels. You’ll be glad to know the second installment of the series, BETWEEN FAITH AND FEAR, contains just as much “heat” with a little less “sweet”. Very action-packed, raw, emotional and dangerous. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!

FLESH series = Medium heat level
CAPTIVE series = Moderate heat level

For those of you who love pointing out the grammatical errors, here is a breakdown.

FLESH series = personally edited a million times.
CAPTIVE series = professionally edited as of the great re-launch of 2013.

If you haven’t guessed yet, my Goodreads reviewers have compelled me to write this article. I appreciate the time you all have taken to show your love, support or even disgust. It means you care which is why they say there is no such thing as a bad review. I aspire to entertain you for many years to come! THANK YOU!!

2 thoughts on “An Introduction To My Work

  1. You’re a writer with great talent and a bright future. Thanks for the hot monkey sex. 😉

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