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Coming June 8, 2020




A career woman to a fault, Brooke Monroe vows to earn back the graphic art business her father sold, robbing her of her birthright and costing an office-full of employees their jobs. The arrogant team of outsiders appears to have no sympathy, a fact that sets her blood boiling. As one of the only survivors of the takeover, Brooke finds herself face-to-face with the devilishly handsome Ethan Wolf as they vie for the position of Vice President of Monroe Graphics.

Ethan is ready for Brooke and her amusing attempt to emerge the victor: the woman’s stiff exterior and fiery green eyes both fascinate and infuriate him like no other. As the sparks of rivalry fly, so begins a reluctant attraction between the two VP candidates. When an accidental encounter in the darkroom reveals an undeniable chemistry between them, Brooke and Ethan’s fight turns dirty and detours to the bedroom. Once the clothes come off, their biggest challenge is keeping sex out of the workplace…and keeping their feelings at bay until after the competition. But when a corporate leak is discovered and Brooke is blamed as the obvious culprit, will Ethan trust her enough to believe her claims of innocence? Or will Brooke’s chance at love and her father’s company be forever out of reach?

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6 thoughts on “Books

  1. There will be a continuation of the captive series?
    Sorry for my English, I wanted to tell you that I love your series. I am a fan of Argentina.


    1. Hi, Erica, thank you so much for reading and enjoying the Captive Series. I have written a serial spin-off called Mercy of the Lawless, which features Austin and Danny and the history of the feud between their families. You can access the episodes of this serial by clicking on the “Members Only” tab on this website. You’ll be directed to my Facebook fan group, “Dennam’s Character Cave.” Once you join the group, you’ll see the episodes and can scroll down to the first one (MOTL1) or search for #MOTL1 in the search bar. Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help. Thanks again for reading, Erica, and I hope you enjoy Mercy of the Lawless! 🙂
      – J. A. Dennam

      1. Thank you for your reply !!! I’m very excited.
        I did not know the group in Facebook, but you add me!
        Again I thank you for your time and especially their response.


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