An interview with the new rising star of romantic comedy, Emily Hemmer!

Emily Hemmer

A little background. Tell us about yourself and what genre you write:   I’m a thirty something wife and mom of two teenagers.  My life is currently being run by hormones.  I’m a very positive person and I’m always spewing things I learned by watching The Secret at people.  I truly believe that if you want something bad enough, you’ll get it.  No.  Matter. What.  I write contemporary romantic comedy with lots of heat.  I love to laugh and I love to get busy, so this genre came very naturally to me.

What made you want to become an author?   I want a big life.  I want a life full of possibility and adventure and I knew that to live fully, I needed to find a way to help support my family in a way that felt honest about who I am and where I want to go.  I’ve always loved to write. About three years ago, I just decided to hell with it, I’m going for it.  I also really love to procrastinate, and thus spent the next two years doing almost nothing with my writing. I got a kick in the butt last May and since then it’s been smooth sailing.

When did you get sucked into smut?   The first smut I ever read was on an X Files fan fiction website.  I’m not proud of it.  I took a long break from smutty reads and just recently rediscovered the genre.  I’m really loving it right now and I think that’s got something to do with where I am in my life.  I’m in my mid-thirties, I’m excited about my future and everything just feels electrified right now.  I recently read a whole bunch of Jess Dee’s stories and she along with Lexxi Cooper are two of my new favorites.

Who are your favorite authors and why?   Helen Fielding, Emily Barr, Sarah Kate Lynch, Jennifer Wiener, JK Rowling, Stephen King…  Each of these writers have transported me and the journey I took with them stayed with me long after I put their books down.  For a story to live in your fantasy is special. For a story to influence your life and dreams is magical.

What book made you fall in love with romantic comedy?   Cause Celeb, Helen Fielding.  I love Bridget Jones as well but Cause Celeb struck a cord in me and I re-read it constantly.  It’s funny, sweet, sad, happy, romantic, scary, etc.  I love it. And I’m a big Rom-Com movie person.  French Kiss, You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, Under the Tuscan Sun – I could go on and on.

Would you consider writing in another genre? If so, what would it be?   Yes!  I plan on writing a new adult drama/mystery and I’ve written a children’s book I’d love to publish someday.  Of course, I’ll probably have to use a different name when publishing the children’s book.  Something tells me kids getting Stand Up Stanley confused with my erotica wouldn’t go down well with mom and dad.

Anything in your stories based on real experiences?   Not yet – but I’m sure it’ll sneak in there somewhere.  I had a blind date once with a guy that was seven feet tall.  He looked like Herman Munster and his nickname was Wadeload.  I ducked out of the date early by having a friend page me (yes, I’m old) and I told him I had to leave because my friend’s cousin needed a ride to the hospital.  I would have felt bad about lying, had I not shelled out fifty bucks for our dinner because he’d ‘forgotten’ his wallet.  Pretty sure he’s going to make it into a book somehow.

Toughest criticism? Best compliment?   A judge in one contest told me I was a good writer, but I needed a better story.  I loved that story – so that was a bitter pill to swallow.  Best compliment came from my brother in law who’s an excellent writer in his own respect and pretty much the smartest person I’ve ever met.  He said Chapter 6 in my book was ‘As solid a piece of writing as I’ve seen in any book.”  It may not sound like much, but coming from him it was high praise – and it meant a lot to me.

How do you prep yourself for a sex scene?   I don’t need any prep; I have a very dirty mind.  At work they call me the sex pusher.  I’m not a prostitute.

What other atmospheric things do you do to put yourself in a writing mood?   I listen to music and I like to write outside.  My current playlist has a lot of Pistol Annies, Kacey Musgraves, Lady A…. These books are set in East Texas so country music helps put me in the mood.  I like to write outside because I find nature incredibly calming and that helps to keep me focused.

How does your family tolerate your writing?   They’re very proud of me.  They’re also incredibly annoyed at my constant need to write, promote, research, etc.  One day we’ll find a happy medium.  For now I’ll just continue to write in the bathroom.

Tell us what your current work in progress is about.   Plus None is book 2 in my Dangerously Dimpled series.  It’s about a girl named Charlie Davies who’s been so busy looking after everyone else, she lost sight of what she wanted for herself somewhere along the way. Three years prior to the beginning of the book she has a one night stand with a guy so far out of her reach, he may as well live on Mars (this will be the basis for the prequel novella).  Fast forward three years and her baby sister’s getting married to the perfect man, about to have the perfect life, and all Charlie’s got to look forward to is dodging cousin Barry and his ass-magnet hands at the wedding reception.

When her one-time one-night stand resurfaces as the groom’s Best Man, Charlie will have to decide who she is, what she’s capable of, and if she’s brave enough to get everything she wants out of life.  Spoiler alert: there’s a happy ending.  J

What book would you like to promote in this blog post?   Me!  It’s all about ME!  No, really, I just want people to have the opportunity to get to know who I am, what I’m about and hopefully they’ll like what they see enough to check out my books.  My first priority is connecting with readers and making new friends.

Tell us a little about your future projects.   I’ve got a short prequel novella, Just One, coming out in August for book 2 in the Dangerously Dimpled Series.  Then book 2 in the series, Plus None, will be released in September.  I’m really hoping to squeeze all three of the Dimpled series in this year but I’m a ridiculously slow writer – so we shall see. The full-length romantic comedies are so much fun to write that I plan on outlining a romantic comedy/mystery series for 2014.  I’m also considering administering a Red Bull IV drip to get all of these projects done.

Oh, and I really want to write an erotic novella.  I like my erotica like I like my Indian food; stupid hot.

Any advice for aspiring authors?   Be yourself, don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve, and just as Journey told you years ago, don’t stop believin’.  It’s good advice.

Where can we find you and your books? (links)


A personal note: Ms. Hemmer’s newly released contemporary romantic comedy ‘The Break-up Psychic,’ book 1 of the Dangerously Dimpled series, truly made me laugh out loud. There are big things on the horizon for this new author, so don’t hesitate to download a copy of her first novel before the second one hits the digital shelves!

10 thoughts on “An interview with the new rising star of romantic comedy, Emily Hemmer!

  1. Great interview, both JA & Emily. I want to read these next books, for sure! Snap to it, and write that Erotica. Good luck with everything, and Congrats on all your success!

  2. Hello ladies
    Cool blog, Emily. And I love that it’s all about you. (Snort)
    Finished The Break-Up Psychic last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I chuckled the whole way through.
    (Damn it, why can’t I write one liners like you???)
    Looking forward to Charlie’s book. Promise it’ll be as funny?


    1. Hi Jess! I want you to know I squealed while reading your comment- so glad I could make you chuckle. I’ll do my best to make book 2 as fun a read as The Break-Up Psychic. But hey, no pressure, right? I mean, it’s just all my hopes and dreams riding on book 2… 😉

  3. I’m going to purchase the book. Emily, I love your witty answers! They made me laugh but it was also the truth in what you were saying. I was a big life too! I’m glad that I am following this blog.

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